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What are ACM Panels?

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels are a revolutionary cladding material that intertwines both innovation and elegance. Consisting of two ultra-thin aluminum sheets bonded to a robust, non-aluminum core, these panels are not only lightweight but also remarkably sturdy.

ACM Panel Applications:

Architectural Composite Material (ACM) panels are shaking up the world of contemporary construction and style. Light as a feather but incredibly sturdy, these panels are real game-changers, fitting perfectly in chic business exteriors, home sidings, and even avant-garde office spaces. You can see their mark everywhere, from adding a modern flair to towering giants in the sky to providing smart cladding options for houses. With their knack for braving diverse weather conditions and their undeniable visual charm, it’s no wonder architects and builders give them a big thumbs-up when aiming for beauty and practicality.


ACM Panels Commercial


In Toronto’s bustling commercial skyline, ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels, often hailed as ACM cladding, are setting a new benchmark. Robust, weather-resistant, and radiating a modern charisma, these panels are the allies of architects and builders. Their unique ability to be molded, bent, and tailored means they seamlessly align with diverse facades.

Our showcased projects stand as testament to the versatility of ACM panels in Toronto’s commercial scene. From towering business hubs to meticulous design accents in retail spaces, each endeavor echoes our drive for excellence and innovation. Dive deep into our visual gallery; you’ll get a front-row seat to the modern sophistication and functionality that our ACM cladding introduces to the commercial architectural realm of Toronto.

ACM Panels Residential


Think ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels are just a commercial thing? Think again! They’ve stylishly weaved their way into residential designs, giving houses that modern, chic edge while being practical. Imagine a material so robust, weather-resistant, and snazzy that homes clad in it seem forever fresh, just like the day the panels went up.

When homes wear ACM panels, they scream modern sophistication, showcasing crisp outlines and a flawless facade. But, looks aren’t the only thing they’ve got going for them. These bad boys bring to the table perks like top-notch insulation and the cherry on top? Less fuss over maintenance.

Take a peek at our showcased homes, and you’ll spot the magic of ACM panels in action. Be it city townhomes or quiet suburban retreats, ACM panels sprinkle their unique blend of adaptability and finesse. Flick through our visual diary, and watch how these panels are setting fresh trends in residential design.


ACM Panels: A New Wave in Office and Workspace Buildings

Office spaces are the beating heart of the business world, and ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels are giving them a fresh pulse. These innovative panels are not just a design statement but a pragmatic blend of style and durability. Consider them the building blocks that keep offices looking new and invigorated, regardless of the weather’s mood swings.

Step into an office wrapped in ACM panels, and you’ll find yourself in a modern sanctuary with clean, sharp lines and a smooth-as-glass finish. These aren’t mere visual delights, though. They serve up added perks like enhanced insulation and less maintenance hustle, allowing businesses to stay focused on what truly matters.

Want proof? Dive into our portfolio filled with the transformative tales of ACM panels in various office settings. From towering corporate giants to bustling coworking spaces, these panels infuse a dose of elegance and efficiency. Browse our visual archive, and witness how ACM panels are shaping the future of workplace architecture


Setting up ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels isn’t rocket science—it’s a systematic journey from start to finish. Whether you’re shooting for that chic business look or a trendy home vibe, these panels are your go-to. Thinking of diving in? Here’s your blueprint to success.


1)Before starting ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels installation, it’s like laying the groundwork for a house – you need to look out the area first. You begin by inspecting the surface , making sure of it’s steady and even, while also keeping an eye out for anything that might get in the way. Think of it as the initial step on this journey; to truly master the whole setup, it’s essential to carefully and deligently examine the work zone.


2)Nailing the right measurements is key when setting up ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels. Spot-on sizes guarantee a perfect blend, elevating both the panel’s look and its performance. Begin by getting a good grasp of the area you’re working on, employ reliable measuring instruments, factor in overlaps, and always cross-reference your numbers. Getting the measurements spot-on paves the way for a top-notch ACM panel setup.


3)we now venture into the pivotal design phase. In this stage, decisions come to the forefront: selecting the optimal ACM panel type, deciding on the right quantities, and finalizing their exact placement. A crucial part of this step is the formulation of detailed shop drawings, serving as the blueprint for what lies ahead. These designs not only guide aesthetics but also set the stage for the seamless transition into the fabrication process.


4)After the thoughtful design phase (Step 3), we enter the exciting stage of fabrication. Here, the ACM panels come to life, shaped and customized according to the exact specifications laid out in the shop drawings. Cutting-edge CNC machinery is employed to ensure each cut is accurate to the millimeter, a critical aspect for a perfect fit. With the precision that only technology coupled with skilled craftsmanship can provide, the panels are cut, shaped, and finished flawlessly. This crucial stage transforms the plans into tangible pieces, aligning perfectly with the design vision, and paving the way for the final installation.


5)we’re now in the thick of Step 5, encompassing access, surface preparation, and mounting. First up, gaining proper access ensures a smooth workflow. Simultaneously, the target surfaces undergo rigorous prepping — involving cleaning, smoothening, and creating an optimal foundation. With everything set, the mounting phase kicks in. Each ACM panel is installed with precision, perfectly aligned with prior designs and ensuring a seamless integration. This stage showcases a dance of details, bringing together planning, precision, and craftsmanship for a flawless façade.


6)At the thrilling end of our journey, Step 6 dives deep into intricate details. With ACM panels firmly fixed, we launch a detailed review. Every section is checked for alignment, fit, and beauty. Along with this, final touches are added to perfect each panel. Elegant trims are introduced not just for aesthetics but also for strength. These fine-tuned changes, along with prior steps, come together to craft a mesmerizing architectural gem. The finished work is a perfect blend of design and purpose, showcasing our commitment to planning and skillful execution.


At Heron Build, we’re committed to helping you find the best fit from the available ACM panel color chart & trim selection. With the trendiest ACM panel colors, all backed by an impressive 10-year warranty, we’ll assist you in harmonizing your project with the ideal hue and finish. Your vibrant, long-lasting excellence starts with us!


This Pattern Series beautifully mimics the appearance of genuine wood and steel, yet weighs significantly less. Ideal for constructing claddings, modular structures, fascia, decorative trims, overhead shades, pillar wrappings, and signs, this series masterfully blends long-lasting resilience with innate elegance, marking it as a timeless choice.

ACM PANELS Solid Colors

ACM  materials stand out with their lightweight design, simple fabrication process, dependable consistency, and impressive durability. They’re the go-to choice for a variety of building needs, both inside and out – be it for curtain wall facades, protective rain screen systems, interior partitioning, aesthetic enhancements, business signage, and beyond.

ACM PANELS Matte Finishes

These robust, weatherproof finishes come with a 20-year warranty.


Proud to announce that we’re in partnership with the cream of the crop in the ACM panel world in Canada: Alpolic, Alucobond, and Vitrabond. Not just partners, they’re our trusted suppliers too! Delve deeper to discover links, intricate details, color charts, and handy downloadable PDFs we’ve curated for you. Time to unravel what our amazing collaboration has to offer!


We’re honored to be partnered with ALPOLIC, a titan in the realm of metal composite production. Their high-grade MCM offerings have been setting trends and expanding the horizons of design for generations. Their unwavering focus on top-notch quality, sustainable practices, and stellar customer service is truly commendable. With a rich legacy spanning over half a century, ALPOLIC’s excellence is undeniable. Their materials are not just products; they’re statements that capture attention wherever showcased.

Crafted with precision in state-of-the-art facilities across Japan, Germany, and the United States, ALPOLIC sheets epitomize perfection. We’re proud to facilitate their distribution across North & South America. Furthermore, the MCM goods produced in their Chesapeake, Virginia hub are a testament to American craftsmanship, right from the drawing board to the finished product.


For five decades and counting, ALUCOBOND has been sculpting the narrative in the metal facades industry, becoming an undisputed leader in both internal and external design realms. With a reputation for ensuring a flawless transition of color from cozy indoor environments to boundless exterior spaces, ALUCOBOND has become a hallmark of unparalleled flatness, adaptable formability, enduring durability, and straightforward manufacturing.

Impeccably engineered in the United States, it graces the market in a plethora of dimensions, modern hues, and finishes, while generously providing options that are both standard and unconventional, transforming innovative architectural imaginations and brand visualizations into tangible reality.

We, at HeronBuild, are thrilled to join forces with 3A Composites and their distinguished product, ALUCOBOND. This partnership harmoniously merges our unwavering dedication to top-tier construction with their groundbreaking architectural design solutions, breathing life into spaces that are not only visually magnificent but also staunchly functional.


Situated in Buford, Georgia USA, Alfrex prides itself on pioneering the development and manufacturing of fire-resistant aluminum and metal composite materials, ensuring utmost safety and quality by utilizing an FR core compound crafted meticulously in-house. The extensive product lineup encompasses Alfrex FR Metal Composite Material, Matching 0.040″ Flat Sheet, and the pre-finished Alfrex Aluminum Plate which is notably non-combustible, as well as a mill-finished solid aluminum plate designed for post-painting small lots in custom colors. Distinctively, Alfrex stands as the only domestic MCM manufacturer offering a range of 3mm (approximately 1/8”) thick pre-painted plate, adeptly meeting the burgeoning market demand for non-combustible architectural wall cladding solutions.

It is with great enthusiasm that we declare our partnership with Alfrex, uniting our commitments towards quality, innovation, and safety in architectural solutions. Together, we aspire to navigate the future of robust and aesthetically pleasing constructions, ensuring each creation is not only visually compelling but also adheres to the highest standards of safety and durability.


Embark on a journey through the wonders of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels, where unparalleled design splendidly intertwines with varied utility, creating a symphony of aesthetic and functional superiority. The pivotal specifications of these panels illuminate paths for architects and designers, ushering them through fundamental aspects like thickness, dimensions, vibrant color options, fire resistance, and critical mechanical attributes.

Harnessing the Extensive Capabilities with In-depth Specifications

Plunge into the particulars, and exploit the adaptable capabilities of ACM panels in your impending endeavors, safeguarding a seamless fusion of sturdiness and design. The intricate specifications act as a substantial guide, guaranteeing every project not merely conforms to safety and aesthetic guidelines but also maximizes the distinctive strengths and uses of ACM panels.

Technical DetailsPE Core ACMFR Core ACM
Dimensions196 × 62 × 0.02 in196 × 62 × 0.02 in
TypesPolyethylene CoreFire-Retardant Core
(PE Core Aluminum Composite Material)(FR Core Aluminum Composite Material)
ThicknessTotal Thickness = 3mm / 4mm / 6mmTotal Thickness = 3mm / 4mm / 6mm
Aluminum Thickness0.02 for all types0.02 for all types
Weight (lbs/sq.ft.)3mm Sheets: 0.933mm Sheets: 0.93
4mm Sheets: 1.124mm Sheets: 1.12
6mm Sheets: 1.506mm Sheets: 1.50
Fire PerformanceFlame Spread:Flame Spread:
3mm = 053mm = 05
4mm = 004mm = 00
6mm = 006mm = 00
Smoke DevelopedSmoke DevelopedSmoke Developed
3mm = 153mm = 15
4mm = 004mm = 00
6mm = 106mm = 10
ASTM E108 MODIFIED4mm and 6mm / Passed4mm and 6mm / Passed
Flame Spread IndexFlame Spread IndexFlame Spread Index
3mm = 53mm = 5
Others = 0Others = 0
Other Fire TestsASTM E162, ASTM E108, ASTM E119,ASTM E162, ASTM E108, ASTM E119,
UL-94, UL-879, NFPA-285 PassedUL-94, UL-879, NFPA-285 Passed
Production Tolerances (in)Width: 0.08Width: 0.08
Length: 0.16Length: 0.16
Thickness: 0.008-0.012Thickness: 0.008-0.012
Bow: 0.5%Bow: 0.5%
Squareness: 0.2Squareness: 0.2
LEEDPost-Consumer Recycled Content:Post-Consumer Recycled Content:
3.1% – 7.4%3.1% – 7.4%
15.9% – 58.4%15.9% – 58.4%
Total = 100% Post + 50% Pre:Total = 100% Post + 50% Pre:
11.1% – 36.6%11.1% – 36.6%
AAMA 26058.1 Color Uniformity: PASSED8.1 Color Uniformity: PASSED
8.2 Specular Gloss: PASSED8.2 Specular Gloss: PASSED
8.3 Dry Film Hardness: PASSED8.3 Dry Film Hardness: PASSED
8.4 Film Adhesion: PASSED8.4 Film Adhesion: PASSED
8.5 Impact Resistance: PASSED8.5 Impact Resistance: PASSED
8.6 Abrasion Resistance: PASSED8.6 Abrasion Resistance: PASSED
8.7 Chemical Resistance: PASSED8.7 Chemical Resistance: PASSED
8.8 Corrosion Resistance: PASSED8.8 Corrosion Resistance: PASSED
8.9 Weathering: PASSED8.9 Weathering: PASSED
Code ApprovalsICC-ES: (ESR-3704 / ESR-2653)ICC-ES: (ESR-3704 / ESR-2653)
Florida: (FL10520-R3, FL12087-R2,FL17186-R2)Florida: (FL10520-R3, FL12087-R2,FL17186-R2)
Miami-Dade County: (14-0610.01 /14-0610.02)Miami-Dade County: (14-0610.01 /14-0610.02)
City of LA: (26029 / 26008)City of LA: (26029 / 26008)
Warnock Hersey: (Certified: ASTME119; ASTM E84 (2013a); CAN / ULCS102; CAN / ULC S134; NFPA 285)Warnock Hersey: (Certified: ASTME119; ASTM E84 (2013a); CAN / ULCS102; CAN / ULC S134; NFPA 285)